LoadMaster - Technical Previews , July 2016

Our technical previews provide early access to features in development for evaluation and review.

Welcome to the July 2016 technical preview which focuses on SAML and HTTP/2 on LoadMaster. Note that the tech preview patches provided have not been subjected to a full QA process and as such should not be used in a production environment. The tech preview may not completely reflect the features and capabilities that will ship in a GA release.

LoadMaster SAML Preview

The LoadMaster SAML preview enables the LoadMaster to act as a SAML service provider (SP) and provide single sign-on to workloads that are federated with the SAML identity provider (IdP). The preview documentation shows how to implement this functionality in a Microsoft ADFS environment but should be applicable to any SAML deployment. The preview is provided as a patch which requires LoadMaster firmware 7.1-34 or later.

LoadMaster HTTP/2 Preview

The LoadMaster HTTP/2 preview enables HTTP/2 functionality on LoadMaster to allow HTTP/2 client connections to the LoadMaster which are then proxied to HTTP 1.1 real servers. LoadMaster can also proxy HTTP/2 to HTTP/2 at Layer 7.