LoadMaster-MT - Multi-Tenant Application Delivery

LoadMaster-MT provides a flexible platform for securely delivering multiple workloads with complete isolation of virtual instances.

LoadMaster-MT enables the delivery of multiple LoadMaster instances on a single platform as Virtual Network Functions (VNF) giving total flexibility on the assignment of load balancing resources across workloads, business units and customers. Offered on a range of appliances, the underlying hardware resources are allocated to each VNF instance with the capability to overprovision resources and dynamically provision and de-provision instances as required.

LoadMaster-MT Platforms LM-X15-MT LM-8010-MT
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Hardware Specification
Gigabit Ethernet Ports 16 0
10 Gigabit Fiber Ports (SFP+) 4 6
Redundant Hot-Swap Power Supply    
Memory 32GB 128GB
Platform Capacity
Application Throughput 5 Gbps 15 Gbps
SSL TPS (2K Keys) 4,000 13,000
Layer 4 concurrent connections 35 Million 60 Million
Recommended/Max VNF instances 4/16 32/256

Flexible Application Delivery

LoadMaster-MT provides an extremely flexible and cost-effective platform for application delivery by allowing the underlying hardware resources to be carved up among multiple workloads. This flexibility is delivered with features such as:

  • Overprovisioning of resources
  • No incremental licensing charges to deploy additional instances
  • Provision and de-provision instances independently
  • Isolation of instances with VLANs
  • Hardware Data Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of recommended and maximum VNF instances?

The recommended value is the number of instances tested by KEMP to deliver the indicated platform performance. Adding more instances may impact on the overall platform capacity.

What version of LoadMaster OS does LoadMaster MT support?

LoadMaster MT requires a minimum of LoadMaster 7.1-34.

Can tenant instances run different versions of LoadMaster?

Yes. Any mix of LoadMaster versions of 7.1-34 or later is supported.

Is the LoadMaster Web Application Firewall (WAF) supported?

The WAF engine and rules updates are included when LoadMaster-MT is licensed with an Enterprise Plus subscription.

Is there a virtualized version of LoadMaster-MT?

No. Multi-tenancy in virtualized environments can be addressed with KEMP’s flexible licensing options which include Metered Licensing and service provider licensing (SPLA).

Can I deploy LoadMaster-MT on bare metal or KEMP LoadMaster Appliances?

No. Multi-tenancy features are only available on –MT designated platforms.