Multi-Tenant LoadMaster

Multiple load balancer instances on a single appliance

Multi-Tenant LoadMaster runs multiple isolated load balancer instances on a single hardware appliance with total flexibility on resource assignment to optimize capacity usage. Each instance runs independently and is totally isolated to support the creation, testing and optimization of services without impacting other tenant applications.

Enable Security

Isolate applications, customers and departments in secure management, load balancing and networking domains.

Simplify Operations

On-demand provisioning of load balancers with different firmware levels without impacting other applications.

Optimize Performance

Leverage the capabilities of Kemp’s hardware appliances to provide consistent levels of performance.

Simple, cost-effective licensing

Multi-Tenant LoadMaster is licensed on the physical appliance removing the complexity of managing licenses for individual instances. Features enabled by support subscriptions applied to the appliance are inherited by all instances giving cost effective access to features such as Web Application Firewall (WAF), authentication and single sign-on services and global server load balancing.

Multi-Tenant LoadMaster Applicances


  • Dedicated hardware platforms
  • Up to 24 load balancer instances
  • Resource allocation (CPU, Memory, Network)
  • Tenancy management via API
  • Run different LoadMaster firmware versions
  • vLAN support
  • NIC teaming
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Multi-Tenancy Use Cases

Service Provider

Offer dedicated and secure load balancing services to multiple customers on a single appliance.

Test and Development

Enable DevOPS teams with capability to rapidly build dedicated environments without impacting production services.

Dedicated Performance

Maintain the user application experience by assigning dedicated resources that ensure optimum performance.

Departmental Segmentation

Provide individual departments in the Enterprise with secure and autonomous load balancing services that they can self-manage.

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