Kemp | Glossary of Terms and Phrases

IoT Sensors

The components that detect changes in the environments that IOT Devices are monitoring are the sensors. Sensors are available to detect almost anything that needs to be monitored. Examples include:
  • Cameras and light detectors including non-visible wavelengths
  • Motion and velocity recording and displacement detectors
  • Accelerometers and tilt sensors
  • Vibration detectors
  • Electric and magnetic field detectors
  • Fluid levels and leak detectors
  • Humidity and moisture monitors
  • Temperature monitors
  • Fluid flow monitors in pipes
  • Force detectors including for load, torque, strain, and pressure
  • Chemical solution concentration detectors
  • Chemicals leakage detectors
  • Gas detectors for various gas types
  • Acoustics and sound detectors
  • Proximity monitors
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