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Dell EMC

Dell EMC is an overall parent organization that comprises many industry-leading brands and solution providers. The group is focused on delivering IT and workforce transformation. The divisions of the group are:
  • Dell - The original company in the group. Originating in the desktop PC market, Dell quickly became a leader in desktops, laptops, and servers.
  • Dell EMC - Integrated storage solutions from server level up to big data solutions.
  • VMware - Pioneered the move from physical to virtual infrastructure and made it mainstream. Starting with Intel-based desktop and server virtualization in the early 2000s, VMware made the use of virtual infrastructure the default and paved the way for virtualized storage and networks.
  • Pivotal - Multi-cloud platform for developing and deploying enterprise-scale applications.
  • Virtusstream – Enterprise-level loud service designed to optimally run existing applications.
  • RSA - Integrated security and risk management tools.
  • Secureworks - Cyber security threat protection services.
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