Creating Profitable Value-Added Services

Sharing success with Pay as you Grow

Kemp Load Balancing solutions for service providers preserve cashflow by offering pay-as-you-grow solutions where service costs are aligned to revenues and commitments are minimal. This approach ensures that services are profitable from day 1, have no contract period lock-in and offer the flexibility to scale up and down without penalties as customer demands change.

Simple billing solutions that work for you

Load Balancing solutions from Kemp may be purchased on a month-to-month basis as either a customer dedicated virtual appliance under a SPLA (Service provider license agreement) or as a metered multi-instance license under MELA (Metered license agreement). SPLA licensing allows the matching of customer requirements and charges against a virtual LoadMaster instance running on service provider infrastructure which is billed monthly. MELA allows multiple virtual LoadMaster instances to be deployed across multiple customers with metered aggregate usage being billed monthly in arrears.

Leverage your existing investment

Kemp’s LoadMaster is provided as a virtual appliance which supports all of the major hypervisor platforms so that they may be deployed on existing infrastructure to maximize usage and remove the need for expensive proprietary hardware solutions. This approach allows your costs to match revenue and avoids the uneven growth costs incurred with dedicated hardware.

Service Catalog Innovation

With Kemp, services may be created as stand-alone offerings or integrated with existing solution bundles and offered to customers of all sizes. With Kemp, customers with low traffic requirements can be addressed allowing profitable delivery of products such as disaster recovery and highly available servers while high-end customers can be offered scale-on-demand services to meet their seasonal and cyclical requirements.

Simplified Management and Operation

With Kemp, service providers can manage LoadMaster instances on behalf of the customer from the Kemp 360 Central management console or allow the customer to self-manage. In either case, the Kemp 360 Vision service can simplify operations by integrating all instances with the Kemp support team for 24/7 issue diagnosis and resolution. The comprehensive LoadMaster API enables automated provisioning of customer configurations, while Kemp 360 Central simplifies day-to-day operations with automation of routine tasks such as backup and firmware updates.

Service Provider Licensing Options

Metered Licensing
Per-instance Licensing
Billing PeriodMonthlyMonthly
Billing SchemeBilling Scheme Aggregate metered usagePer-instance
(multiple capacity options)
CommitmentOne MonthOne Month
Delivery PlatformsHyper-V, Azure Stack, VMWare, Azure, AWSHyper-V, Azure Stack, VMWare, KVM, Bare Metal, Azure, AWS
Overview (PDF)MELA Solution BriefSPLA Solution Brief

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