Industry Load Balancing Solutions

Kemp Technologies industry solutions, technology and support can help improve the availability and optimization of traffic and applications. Our Industry Solution Center provides examples of the uses of Load Balancers, our technology, service scenarios and case studies used to ensure that user traffic and applications are delivered efficiently for website and application integrity.

We have a keen focus and understanding of customers, and our Industry Solutions section will help you find out how Kemp’s Load Balancers can meet your web and application infrastructure needs.

Load Balancers for Government

Our government solutions, technology and support can help you improve the availability and efficiency of critical Government applications and workloads. Kemp’s Load Balancers are in use at many United States Government agencies.

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Load Balancers for Managed Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Co-Location

For service providers engaged in providing managed hosting, co-location and co-hosting services, the ability to provide profitable, value-added functionality that ensures optimum performance, high-availability and scalability of their customers’ applications is rapidly becoming a necessity, rather than an option. Customers, large and small, have quickly realized that a properly functioning site that is continuously up-and-running, while providing optimum performance, is the key factor to the success of any web and e-commerce application initiative.

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Load Balancers for Healthcare & Hospitals

Advances in the medical arena are commonplace. E-Healthcare is rapidly becoming one of those advances - so rapid, in fact, that it has caught up to, and moved beyond the “buzz” that surrounded it in the late 1990s. Hospitals are deploying networked applications to compile computer-based patient records, to schedule physicians and facilities throughout the campus, to archive digital images, to support telemedicine programs, and to improve a host of other day-to-day operations.

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Load Balancers for Education, Universities & Schools

The network needs of today's K-12, colleges and university campuses are continually growing. Whether increasing the efficiency of online student registration and content access, or improving communications between faculty, staff, and students, educational institutions are looking to optimize their current assets, while introducing new applications and services. To achieve this requires the capacity to accommodate peak loads, fast end-user response time, and a method to easily secure information and applications while on a limited budget. To address these challenges, network administrators need a solution that leverages existing network resources to provide increased capacity, while providing an architecture that enables cost-effective and flexible scaling as the demand for increased capacity grows.

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Load Balancers for E-commerce

Today, according to even the most conservative estimates, the number of people and businesses that purchase goods and services on the Internet is well into the hundreds of millions. Several leading experts estimate the dollar value of these transactions to be in several hundreds of billions. In terms of technology, inadequate server capacity, scalability concerns, fault-tolerant reliability, as well as the increasing size and complexity of e-Commerce applications continue to place added pressures on your already over-burdened IT staff and budget.

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