Policy Based Traffic Management

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High availability and disaster recovery are of highest importance for application infrastructures since other factors such as capacity and performance although important, are negated if service either is not available or cannot quickly be recovered in the event of an instance failure or degradation. In such environments where around the clock, around the world service delivery is required, it's crucial to be able to direct traffic to efficiently use available resources.

Kemp Virtual LoadMaster’ a true layer 7 Application Delivery Controller, when combined with Kemp’s GSLB functionality known as GEO, high availability and intelligent global traffic distribution across on-premises, AWS based application pools, multiple private cloud infrastructures, becomes possible to support highly resilient, scalable and smart application deployments.

Architecture Highlights

  • Site level health checking
  • Policy based traffic steering
  • Optimal use of geographically distributed resources
  • Support multiple cloud regions and datacenters
  • Geographical awareness

Best Practices

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Site level failover
  • Quality of Experience

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