Business Continuity (DR-as-a-Service)

Business Continuity is the ability of an organization to ensure mission critical applications continue to operate at acceptable predefined service levels despite disruptions caused by natural or human induced events. Disruptions may vary from a single resource malfunctioning to entire regions or datacenters shutting down. The severity of these disruptions, therefore, may vary from minor application outages; to critical applications becoming unavailable.

Application Availability is the foundation for Business Continuity. Users demand access to any application, from anywhere and at any time. To meet these expectations, organizations need to consider many possible scenarios and evaluate a broad range of products and services, to develop a strategy for preventing disruptions. Scenarios can range from simple cloud bursting to accommodate unexpected peaks in demand, to policy-based traffic steering across AWS regions to a comprehensive active-active failover configuration. Therefore, the architecture must ensure there are no single points of failure and the solution is spread across multiple availability zones.

Kemp's Virtual LoadMaster with load balancing, GSLB and High Availability (HA) features, provides some of these key capabilities. Additionally, with features such as WAF, DNS Failover and ESP, and deployed in conjunction with AWS disaster recovery Kemp's VLM helps mitigate disruptions and protects application workloads.

Architecture Highlights

  • Span on-premises and multiple cloud environments
  • Advanced application health checking
  • Content Switching and traffic management
  • Support for Microsoft and key enterprise applications

Best Practices

  • High Availability with LoadMaster
  • Capacity planning
  • Multiple deployment sites
  • Secure connectivity
  • Application firewalling
  • User Authentication

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