Frequently Asked Questions


Can I upgrade from firmware X to the current GA firmware?

Please see the table below for the firmware update path

FirmwareUpgrade to    
5.1.X5.1-74 ->6.0-42->7.0-10I -> (LTS) ->7.2.44 (GA)
6.0.X6.0-42->7.0-10I -> (LTS) ->7.2.44 (GA)
7.0.X7.0-10I -> (LTS) ->7.2.44 (GA)
7.1.X7.1.35.6 (LTS) ->7.2.44 (GA)
7.2.X7.2.44 (GA)

32-bit systems can only upgrade to LTS
see below for list of 32-bit models

GEO firmware versions??

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