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How do I add real servers that are on a subnet that will not be directly connected to the LoadMaster?

In order for non-local real servers to work, transparency must be disabled for that virtual service. All balanced traffic must return through the Load Master, non-transparency forces this to occur. Please note that the performance of the traffic will depend on the connection to the real servers as the traffic will be traveling back out of the local network. Utilizing non-local real servers may induce lag due to the additional round trip time to the servers.

In the WUI:

  1. Select the System Configuration > Miscellaneous Options > L7 Configuration option.
  2. Enable Non-Local Real Servers
  3. Then to add a non-local real servers, go to your virtual service
  4. Confirm that L7 transparency is disabled
  5. Add a new real server.
  6. Enable the Allow Remote Addresses checkbox
  7. Once that is checked, you can add a real service with any IP address.

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