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The Problem

IT-CNP, a cloud solutions company, provides its GovDataHosting services to assure the functionality, availability and efficiency of the cloud-based applications of government agencies. They realized that the older load balancers their cloud application support depended on, would soon be completely unusable.

Why Kemp

GovDataHosting needed products and services that could provide seamless, secure and adaptable load balancing for workloads of any scale and any type. In addition to resilience in dealing with high workloads, all Kemp products come with FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) pre-installed. Kemp is the ideal choice for providing federal, state, and local government clients with the highest level of load balancing.

The Solution

GovDataHosting overhauled the load balancing infrastructure of its suite of cloud service bundles. This exceeded the smooth operability standards clients had come to expect, while also being in full compliance with rigorous FISMA and FedRAMP federal regulations.

Who is GovDataHosting?

GovDataHosting, a secure cloud division of IT-CNP, Inc., specializes in providing full-service cloud support bundles including its infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud platform which meets stringent high impact certification requirements of the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), the government’s most rigorous security compliance framework.

Their bundles also include security compliance, application support, and disaster recovery services to aid government agencies in reducing the cost and complexity of leveraging modern cloud technology in support of their missions. Government agencies are under increasing pressure to move applications to the cloud in order to achieve the benefits of flexibility, agility and cost savings.

GovDataHosting’s requirements were a bit more stringent than the average web hosting company, as they specialize in delivering bundled cloud services in the highly regulated world of government agencies.

GovDataHosting have data centers in Maryland, Ohio, and Texas. They operate a precision cloud environment featuring multiple bandwidth providers, conditioned redundant power and communications security. They have successfully implemented more than 400 FISMA and FedRAMP security controls, including special controls required to host personally identifiable information (PII) and electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). This hosting technology and these robust data security measures satisfy the most demanding needs of government agency customers.

Challenge Faced by GovDataHosting

When GovDataHosting’s legacy application security gateway (Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010) was approaching end of life, the company began searching for a next generation replacement and was referred to Kemp by one of its technology solution partners. GovDataHosting requires load balancing to support a variety of applications including Microsoft IIS and SharePoint, Apache HTTP Server, Elasticsearch, database clusters and custom applications.

Choosing Kemp

Kemp provided GovDataHosting with no-cost trial licenses so it could run LoadMaster load balancer in a test environment. This enabled them to validate that the desired functionality was present, and the product was relatively easy to use and maintain. Kemp provided full vendor documentation on its support site and, using that information, GovDataHosting planned out and stood up a parallel implementation of the product. After fully testing LoadMaster, the company proceeded to full implementation. The migration process was straight forward, and the entire process was completed in less than a year.

Claude Swanson, director of service delivery at IT-CNP’s GovDataHosting Division, says, “Our IT solutions and FedRAMP certified cloud infrastructure solve 100% of the security and compliance regulations that our customers at the federal, state and local government levels have to fulfill (such as PCI, FIPS, FISMA and HIPAA), so that they can focus on what they do best.”

He added, “At the government level, application experience takes on an expanded meaning. Our partnership with Kemp plays an essential role by providing a seamless, highly available and secure experience for today’s rapidly changing application delivery environment.”

Looking Forward

Looking ahead, GovDataHosting is evaluating the deployment of Kemp LoadMaster for additional use cases, such as load balancing for hybrid cloud integration with other data centers and for new virtualization or software-defined networking (SDN) projects.

At the government level, application experience takes on an expanded meaning. Our partnership with Kemp plays an essential role by providing a seamless, highly available and secure experience for today’s rapidly changing application delivery environment.
Claude Swanson

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