VMware Horizon View is a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution that simplifies administration and delivers personalized virtual desktops. In addition to overall improved user experience, it reduces PC management complexity, reduces costs through virtualization, increases PC uptime & simplifies desktop security. Kemp’s LoadMaster load balancers available in four form factors, supports VMware’s Horizon View.

The architecture of a typical VMware VDI deployment consists of Connection Servers, Security Servers and application servers. Kemp LoadMaster deployed as an Application Delivery Controller (ADC) in the underlying infrastructure provides:

  • Application Availability by load balancing servers deployed in HA configuration, ensuring there is No single point of failure
  • Application Scalability with flexible deployment options that are right sized, & do not require customers to buy expensive & over provisioned hardware, ensuring the network only Grows on demand
  • Application Resilience with geographical traffic management ensuring there are No site failures
  • Application Performance Improvement by relieving servers of tasks such as TCP optimization, compression & SSL off-loading, therefore only rendering required applications & desktops Ensuring Server Uptime

Horizon View Connection Servers broker client connections, authenticate users and direct incoming requests to the correct endpoint. Kemp LoadMaster serves as a central aggregation point for traffic flow between clients and Connection Servers, sending clients to the best performing and most available Connection Server instance. Horizon View Security Servers provide an additional layer of security for Horizon View infrastructures published to users on the internet. Security Servers typically deployed in the DMZ, proxy incoming connections to Connection Servers residing in a trusted network. To improve their availability, LoadMaster is used to publish a single virtual service that external clients connect to for secure access to this environment. When there are a large number of remote users, VMware recommends terminating SSL connections on the LoadMaster to offload secure traffic from Security Servers. When inbound traffic is decrypted prior to processing by Security Servers, the required resource usage is reduced and the overall solution performance is increased. Kemp’s LoadMaster the #1 price-performance leader provides high-speed load balancing, content switching, data compression, content-caching and SSL offload/acceleration to Horizon View deployments at about a third of the cost of any of its competitors. It also provides secure access to applications, with additional capabilities such as ESP & WAF.

With its flexible deployment model, there is a cost effective solution to meet every size and performance requirement of the user’s network architecture. Plus, Kemp 360 Central & Vision products, further enhance the user experience by providing centralized control and monitoring.

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