Kemp addresses the unique needs of education institutions with its LoadMaster Load Balancer. Integrating powerful, stable, full-featured application delivery and server load balancing with the latest advancements in layer-7 content switching and SSL acceleration technologies, Kemp has created an ideal product for the small-to-large sized educational institutions.

The network needs of today's K-12, colleges and university campuses are continually growing. Whether increasing the efficiency of online student registration and content access, or improving communications between faculty, staff, and students, educational institutions are looking to optimize their current assets, while introducing new applications and services. This requires the capacity to accommodate peak loads, fast end-user response time, and a method to easily secure information and applications while on a limited budget. Network administrators need a solution to address these challenges that leverage existing network resources to provide increased capacity, while providing an architecture that enables cost-effective and flexible scaling capabilities as the demand grows.

Deploying high-performance, high-availability web and application infrastructure presents a unique set of technical and business challenges to the design and management of the underlining network infrastructure. In terms of technology, inadequate server capacity, scalability concerns, and fault-tolerant reliability, as well as the increasing size and complexity of applications, continue to place added pressures on an already over-burdened K-12, college and university IT staff and budget.

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