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La seguridad en un balanceador de cargar, HA ( alta disponibilidad ) y Reverse Proxy

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Un Proxy inverso es un elemento de vital importancia dentro de las infraestructuras de aplicaciones para proporcionar una capa adicional de seguridad para las instancias del servidor mediante la recuperación…
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Automation and KEMP – The PowerShell way!

As we foray more and more into advanced computing evidenced today by explosion of devices, increasing dependency on services and cloud computing becoming mainstream, APIs are becoming highly relevant and …

December 4, 2013

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How the Award Winning KEMP Loadmaster 5300 Load Balancer can help Optimize your IT Infrastructure

When KEMP Technologies received the prestigious UK Network Computing IT Optimization Product of the Year 2013 and even came runner up as Hardware Product of the Year 2013, it was …

October 7, 2013

Video: An Introduction to Web Server Load Balancers – Systech & KEMP

Excellent video by our partner Systech. It explain’s web server load balancers to those without a technical background who perhaps don’t have a full understanding of it’s importance to web …

September 11, 2013

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Load balancing Remote Desktop Services Web Access & Gateway with KEMP Load Master for Azure

Guest post by Freek Berson, Microsoft MVP on RDS Recently, Kemp Technologies has released their KEMP LoadMaster for Azure which they offer for free! I wrote a quick blog post …

September 4, 2013

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How to load balance Office Web Apps Server 2013 farm

As you know we have some very smart folks here at KEMP. Here’s the second of his series from Bhargav Shukla on setting up and Load Balancing Office Web Apps …

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FIPS 140-2, KEMP Load Balancers, and How to Save the Government a Half Million Dollars

FIPS 140-2 sounds like something from Star Wars denoting some particular class of droid, but it has a much more practical impact on the world, especially if you’re working in …