Application Experience (AX) on VMware

Optimize and control the AX for applications hosted on VMware platforms with Kemp’s advanced load balancing and application delivery management. Kemp LoadMaster adds resilience to enhance service reliability and optimizes performance to maintain the best possible AX for connected users. Kemp 360 Central provides monitoring and administration automation making it easy to deploy and maintain the application delivery environment while Kemp 360 Vision delivers real-time, actionable insight on issues impacting service availability, performance and security.

Comprehensive Application Delivery on VMware

Fully Featured

Kemp LoadMaster enhances application delivery capabilities on VMware with a comprehensive set of features and proven performance and stability in thousands of VMware environments.

L4-L7 Load Balancing

LoadMaster simplifies and accelerates the delivery of advanced multi-server applications with SSL/TLS offload, HTTP/2 support, content switching, compression and caching in a single easily managed solution.

Intelligent Scheduling

Intelligent traffic scheduling using metrics such as VM health, static and dynamic weighting, user content and even client group membership ensure users are serviced by the best available server.

Easily Managed

With automated deployment from Kemp 360 Central, vRealize support and a fully featured API, LoadMaster fits easily into your management and operation frameworks.


Deploy LoadMaster as highly available (HA) pairs and with geographic load balancing (GSLB), to provide application availability in the event of a node or site outage.


Enhance application security on VMware with a fully featured Web Application Firewall (WAF) , access control lists, IP address filtering and advanced authentication with services such as Active Directory and RADIUS.

Flexible Licensing

LoadMaster on VMware may be licensed at capacities ranging from 200Mbps to 10Gbps with perpetual licenses or for maximum flexibility using a metered subscription with no limits on the number of load balancing instances deployed.

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Automation and Control

Simplify administration of Application Delivery on VMware with automation through vRealize, Restful API and Kemp 360 Central.

Leverage the power of vRealize

Kemp provide a fully-featured vRealize module that simplifies the deployment, licensing and configuration management of load balancer instances on VMware.

LoadMaster and vRealize

Control with Kemp 360 Central

Kemp 360 Central provides a single point of management for load balancing instances with performance monitoring, task automation and automated deployment.

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Rapid deployment with Application Templates

Avoid setup and configuration pains with Kemp’s library of Application Templates that enable proven , best-practice deployment in the shortest possible time.

Application Templates

Flexible Licensing

Kemp offer a range of licensing options for VMware to meet multiple application delivery use cases.

Perpetual Licensing

Perpetual licensing supports the use case of a relatively static workload and a CapEX approach to technology acquisition. LoadMaster perpetual licenses are available in 200Mbit, 3Gbit, 5Gbit and 10Gbit sizes.

Subscription Licensing

For organizations that require load balancing capacity and capability for a fixed term , Kemp offer subscription licenses for one or three years in 500Mbit and 10Gbit capacities.

Metered Licensing

Metered licensing is a utility billing model where there is no restriction on capacity or number of instances deployed. Usage is billed monthly in arrears and offers total flexibility to scale to meet changing demands.