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Deliver Highly Available,
Highly Secure Applications

Load balance and secure your essential applications and services across your entire hybrid cloud ecosystem

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Explore Our Solutions

Explore Our Solutions

The Kemp LoadMaster load balancing solutions and extensive library of application deployment templates provide high performance and secure delivery of application workloads from a wide range of vendors in multiple sectors

Application Availability

Maximum reliability and availability for Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Parallels and other virtual applications and desktops.

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Object Storage Optimization

High availability, resilience and traffic flow optimization while maintaining security posture and departmental segmentation of data.

See More About Object Storage Optimization

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Ongoing protection for web apps and APIs against vulnerability exploits including OWASP Top-10

See More About Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Always-On VPN

Intelligently distribute connections to all configured servers using round-robin, or based on # of connections or a defined %.

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Public Cloud Applications

Extend the features and capabilities of a data center-class application delivery controller (ADC) to the cloud.

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Build on your overall security stance by layering LoadMaster application protection to enhance the integrity and availability of web applications.

Web API and Application Protection

Provide ongoing protection for applications and APIs against Zero-Day and common exploits

See More About Web API and Application Protection

Zero Trust Network Access

Apply defined-access policies to applications and prevent public discovery of application assets

See More About Zero Trust Network Access

Pre-Authentication and Single sign-on

Enable strong authentication of users for any application or API before providing access to the resource

See More About Pre-Authentication and Single sign-on

SSL (Secure Socket Layer)/TLS (Transport Layer Security) management

Offload encryption overhead and simplify compliance and certificate lifecycle management

See More About SSL (Secure Socket Layer)/TLS (Transport Layer Security) management

Optimize provisioning and operation of multi-cloud and containerized applications with a consistent and easy-to-use application delivery platform that drives operational efficiency and offers visibility across clouds.

Multi-Cloud Operations

Simplify multi-cloud application and API delivery with a single easily managed solution

Containerized Apps

Use LoadMaster Kubernetes Ingress Controller to secure and scale modern application architectures

API Gateway

Selective publishing of multiple APIs with rate limiting, access policies and WAF protection


The Best Application Experiences Are Built With Kemp

The brands you trust use Kemp. Meet some of our customers.

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"The Kemp LoadMaster gives us a fast and reliable user-experience all the time."

Shoeb Khan, CISO Audi Volkswagen

Nestle Waters

"The Kemp load balancers, recommended by Microsoft, now ensure good performance and high availability."

Hossam Hassan Ahmed, Network Engineer

Explore Kemp Products

Load Balancing/ADC

Award-winning hardware, virtual and cloud-native deployment options, including the industry’s first per-app software load balancer/ADC.

Hardware LoadMaster

Optimized load balancing hardware that delivers a high performance application experience for any environment.

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Virtual LoadMaster

World's most popular virtual load balancer with over 100,000 deployments worldwide.

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Cloud LoadMaster

Fully featured cloud load balancers optimally sized and priced for public cloud environments.

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Managed Application Delivery

Gain enhanced performance, health, and security insights to ensure the best possible application experience.

LoadMaster 360

Hosted unified application delivery platform.

See More About LoadMaster 360

Free Report – Succeeding with your Hybrid Multi-Cloud Strategy

How to Succeed with Load Balancing in a Hybrid Multi-Cloud World’ by leading analysts EMA, reveals the challenges of Hybrid Multi-Cloud application delivery and provides a roadmap to load balancing success.

How to succeed with Load Balancing in a Hybrid Multi-Cloud Strategy

#1 Rated and Customer-Reviewed Application Experience Platform

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The industry’s top-rated load balancer and application delivery controller (ADC) across all major third-party product review websites, including Gartner Peer Insights

Gartner peer insights

Kemp: 4.9/5

G2 leader

Kemp: 4.9/5


Kemp: 9.7/10

What Our Customers Say

"We currently use Kemp LoadMasters across the whole organization. They sit in front of everything that we can/need to make highly available."

John C

"I have used Kemp loadbalancers for years and they run reliably, with very high performance. The are easy to deploy, integrate and to operate. There is always a quick response from the support."

Bernard L
G2 leader

"Deployment and initial setup is straight forward. The product is really amazing and make IT's life easy. I love it and I highly recommend."

Michael B
Gartner peer insights

“It has an easy to use, intuitive interface. Creating a highly available configuration was very simple. The LoadMaster documentation is very thorough and support staff highly responsive.”

Jesse A
G2 leader

Trusted by Leading Brands With Over 100,000+ Deployments Worldwide


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