Upgrade Now and get up to $20,000 trade-up credit*

Users of Riverbed SteelApp products can now replace them with an equivalent Kemp product.**

Kemp load balancers offer a comprehensive set of must-have features at an affordable price without sacrificing performance. Over 30,000 customers worldwide use Kemp's LoadMaster products to boost performance of their applications, make their network and server infrastructure run more efficiently and shield their business from unwanted intruders.

Kemp Load Balancers feature:

  • Layer 4 and Layer 7 Load Balancing and Cookie Persistence
  • SSL Offload/SSL Acceleration
  • Application Acceleration: HTTP Caching, Compression & IPS Security
  • WAF - Web Application Firewall
  • Global Server Load Balancing
  • Edge Security Pack (Microsoft TMG Replacement)
  • Application Health Checking
  • Adaptive (Server Resource) Load Balancing
  • Content Switching

All Kemp LoadMasters are backed by a range of worldwide support, configuration and migration services which facilitate deployment and ensure trouble-free operation. Kemp’s support team includes Microsoft Exchange, Lync and SharePoint certified professionals, VMware certified professionals and general networking and high availability experts and can assist in all stages of the trade-up process.

Virtual LoadMaster Features

Key Features

Key Supported Applications

Key Supported Microsoft Workloads

*Trade-up credit applied to LoadMaster purchase when purchased with a support contract
**Further details can be found in the SteelApp-Tradeup document

  • apple
  • bestbuy
  • bic
  • dyson
  • ea
  • fender
  • harvard
  • hyundai
  • jpmorgan
  • motorola

Over 30,000 Customers and Growing