Hyper-V Load Balancing Solutions from KEMP Technologies

From the initial release of Hyper-v from Microsoft, Kemp Technologies recognized the importance of this virtualization environment. So KEMP Technologies developed both the most powerful Virtual Load Balancers optimized for the Hyper-v virtualization platform. The Virtual LoadMaster for Hyper-V can support a comprehensive set of applications ranging from web services to Microsoft Lync.

The VLM LoadMaster is extremely simple to configure. The choices available to the installer are quite straight forward:

  • If you understand load balancing concepts and have installation experience use the Web Interface to set up Virtual Services and Real Servers manually by simply following the installation guide.
  • If you are new to installing a virtual load balancer with Microsoft Exchange you will be pleasantly surprised to find that KEMP has made this easy for you as the VLM is supplied with a common set of Exchange deployment templates that can be imported into the VLM with a number of options pre-configured and ready for use.