Kemp 360 Central®

Solve real-world application experience challenges. Take control of your load balancing and application delivery infrastructure across cloud and data center. Multi-vendor load balancer/ADC management simplifies administration and issue resolution.

Manage Anywhere

Manage load balancer and ADC resources from multiple vendors across multiple platforms including public cloud and local hypervisors

Automate for Efficiency

Reduce time spent on routine load balancer administration tasks through automation of configuration and deployment

Identify Issues Quickly

Simplify application delivery issue identification and resolution with a single dashboard and consolidated event logging

The always-on Application Experience

Deploy Easier

Unmatched agility to deploy pre-configured, high-performance virtual and cloud-native load balancing instances across cloud and hypervisor platforms.

See What Matters

Intuitive, context-relevant analytics on application performance takes the guesswork out of understanding application issues.


Ensure Consistency

Use templates and profiles for error-free provisioning of load balancer/ADC instances and application services.

Automate Application Delivery

Automate the deployment and configuration of application delivery resources using built-in Kemp 360 Central capabilities or leverage your existing automation toolset.

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Meeting customer demand with Kemp 360 elastic load balancing in Azure

"We had our biggest day ever…167 million visits and the platform handled it brilliantly."

Clifford Cohen
Chief Information Officer

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