Load Balancing Applications in AWS

Amazon Web Services - Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform enables applications to be easily provisioned in Amazon’s cloud. Existing on-premises applications are being seamlessly transitioned into AWS, allowing technology decision makers to benefit from the scalability, elasticity and shift of capital expenses to operational ones.

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KEMP’s Virtual LoadMaster(VLM) for AWS is a full-featured, advanced Layer 4-7 load balancing and content management application delivery controller. Available in the AWS marketplace, it is deployed in Cloud and Hybrid environments, offering a rich set of features, resulting in an effortless transition of applications from on-premises data centers.

KEMP brings many years of experience in supporting a variety of workloads including Healthcare Applications, Education Applications, Virtual desktop Applications, Mobile Device Management, etc. in addition to traditional Microsoft applications such as SharePoint, IIS and ADFS. KEMP leverages this experience and along with prebuilt application templates and world class professional services, now brings such applications to AWS.

Whether you are looking to rapidly prototype a new cloud service or build a global business, KEMP’s LoadMaster can provide the performance, scalability and security you need for reliable application delivery.

The KEMP advantage for AWS

See how the Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) compares to AWS native Load Balancers

Comparison Table with ELB

Features Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) Virtual LoadMaster (VLM)
Layer 4 Load Balancing    
Layer 7 Load Balancing    
High Availability    

Comparison Table with ALB

Features Application Load Balancer (ALB) Virtual LoadMaster (VLM)
Source IP
Content Caching / Compression    
WAF Protection    

Virtual Loadmaster provides a comprehensive, integrated set of Layer 4-7 features which are all managed through a single interface. In addition, RESTful, Java and PowerShell APIs are available making the VLM attractive to both developers and administrators alike.

Virtual LoadMaster is available in the AWS Marketplace with Free, BYOL and as pay as you go (hourly) licensing options. The Free version delivers 20Mbps throughput and can be used in both development and production environments, simplifying DevOps-oriented delivery methodologies. It can subsequently be upgraded to greater throughput with the purchase of a perpetual license.

KEMP cloud experts are available to help with integration and migration needs at all stages of a project, from inception to production.