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LoadMaster for Bare Metal MAX - $10,000

The LoadMaster for Bare Metal LMB-MAX software has uncapped throughput and SSL TPS making it the natural bare metal application delivery solution for large enterprise and service provider deployments. The Bare metal installation of LMOS (LoadMaster Operating System) on common x86 server hardware platforms provides comprehensive application load balancing, high availability, security, workflow visibility and traffic acceleration when the highest performance is required. Actual performance based on allocated hardware resources. LMB-MAX is available as a perpetual license and on a 1 and 3 year annual subscription.


  • Uncapped Throughput
  • Uncapped SSL Transactions Per Second (TPS)
  • Supports up to 1,000 Virtual IPs (VIPs) and 1,000 Real IPs (RIPs)
  • See the full hardware compatibility list
  • Actual performance dependent on allocated system resources

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LMB-MAX Subscription Options

Features1 Year Annual Subscription
3 Year Annual Subscription
$6,083 per year*
Balancer Throughput License†Uncapped*Uncapped*
SSL TPS License†Uncapped*Uncapped*
Included Support LevelEnterprise PlusEnterprise Plus
LoadMaster Clustering  
FIPS 140-2 Encryption  
Application Access & Security Management  
Web Application Firewall (WAF)  
GSLB (Global Traffic Management)  
Centralized Management, Analytics & Reporting  
AI-Enabled Monitoring and Remediation Services  

* Actual performance dependent on allocated system resources
**Save 20% on 3 year plans, $18,250 Billed every 3 years
† * **Additional Information on Pricing, Features and Subscriptions

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