Advanced Networking for Dell EMC ECS

Simpify network integration with ECS Connection Manager

Simplify network integration while maintaining security

ECS Connection manager extends the reach of ECS services to multiple IPv6 and IPv4 networks while preserving network isolation. Enabling access from IPv6 networks to ECS is as simple as adding the ECS Connection manager to the IPv6 network and creating a service that points to the ECS IPv4 infrastructure.

In the example above, the IPv6 and IPv4 applications have concurrent access to ECS with the ECS Connection Manager providing network isolation. Multiple IPv6 and IPv4 networks may be supported with options to isolate using VLANs or with physically different network ports on hardware appliances.

The ECS Connection Manager IPv6 network stack is certified as compliant with the NIST USGv6 standard by the University of New Hampshire (UNH IOL) and meets the compliance requirements of US Federal organizations.

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