Kemp Ingress Controller for Kubernetes

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Kemp Ingress Controller is now a Globally Available (GA) Feature. For the most recent details see here.


This new feature in LMOS enables application server pools in published VIPs on Kemp load balancers to dynamically update as Pods running on a Kubernetes platform are added or removed from a proxied service object. It effectively creates a connectivity bridge between the container network ecosystem and the configuration plane of your north-south load balancing environment.

The primary scenario this has been developed for is cases where requirements exist for streamlining the mapping of new Kubernetes services to endpoints published on load balancers that are operating outside of the container network infrastructure for client access.


  • Automated mapping of Kubernetes service object configuration to Kemp LoadMaster Virtual Service and Sub-Virtual Services
  • Support for reading Kubernetes annotations to ingest metadata information about objects
  • Capabilities for communication with a Kubernetes API server


  • At least one licensed and running LoadMaster instance
  • A kube config file with necessary permissions to read Service objects via the Kubernetes API
  • Network access between the Kemp load balancer and the Kubernetes API Server
  • The namespace and name of the Kubernetes Service object associated with the LoadMaster Virtual IP (VIP/VS)


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