Frequently Asked Questions


Update firmware.

Firstly find out what is the currently version of firmware that is loaded on your loadmaster select home on your loadmaster. Under loadmaster version this will show the current version of firmware that is installed e.g. 6.0-34.20120518-1448. Next forward this information with details on the loadmaster serial number and model version to [email protected] and the support team will confirm the latest version of firmware for your model. Prior to updating the Loadmaster firmware, please ensure the configuration and SSL certs have been backed up.

  1. Select System Configuration – Systems Administration – Update Software.
  2. Select choose File and select the update file for the latest firmware version.
  3. Select Update machine. The update will take about five minutes.
  4. Next select Rebooting Now.
  5. The LM will update to latest version of the load master

After reboot to confirm the loadmaster has been upgraded to the latest firmware select Home on the loadmaster and confirm the firmware has been update to the select version

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