SAP Load Balancer

Kemp LoadMaster provides Highly Available, Reliable, Clientless, Secure, Ubiquitous Deployment and Access of SAP applications with Seamless Disaster Recovery

SAP is the market leader in enterprise applications, delivering up-to-the-minute information to thousands of business users. A KEMP ADC plays a critical role in SAP infrastructure, ensuring secure, reliable, high-throughput access to corporate data and services.

SAP Load Balancer

KEMP LoadMaster Version 7.1 is SAP certified for Network Performance, Reliability, Availability and Security. Serving as a reverse proxy for SAP applications, KEMP LoadMaster provides the flexibility of deploying LoadMaster and/or the SAP applications on premises, in the Cloud or in a Hybrid environment, ensuring secure access for users and applications and preventing unauthorized access to application servers.

Load Balancing SAP servers
SAP Certified Load Balancer / Reverse Proxy

KEMP LoadMaster supports SAP applications by providing comprehensive L4 -L7 traffic distribution and session persistence, application health checking, SSL acceleration, IPS and data Caching/Compression. These features along with Edge Security services like Single Sign-On (SSO), Web Application Firewall (WAF) and pre-authentication all enhance application performance and user experience for application workloads.