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Automating your application delivery fabric – Part 1


Application delivery in today’s modern infrastructure is relatively different from years ago. With the introduction of the cloud and hybrid architectures, the need to adapt is more important than ever. The days of publishing all the workloads behind a pair of load balancers in a single data center are long gone. Applications today are being stretched between clouds which introduces an increase of application delivery controllers (ADCs). This shift brings some new challenges as it pertains to managing and making changes on your ADCs. The most efficient way, or some may say the only way, to successfully manage this new normal for your application delivery fabric is with automation.

Developing applications takes speed, consistency, and reliability. DevOps are built on these values and cannot be successful without them. That is why automation plays a major role in staying agile during the development lifecycle. As requirements change or environments need to be created, automation is clearly once again the only logical way.

Customers have different automation and orchestration requirements when it comes to their application delivery fabric. KEMP understands this and delivers options for customers to meet these needs. Some customers leverage the API directly meanwhile others require a wrapper such as PowerShell, Java or Python to get the job done.

With KEMP’s PowerShell wrapper, customers can manage all the features and functions of LoadMaster. This allows customers to create scripts which will license, set options, configure services or scale in/out should the need arise. Automation provides the consistency, speed, and reliability that is not limited to DevOps, it is the foundation of every application delivery fabric.

The PowerShell wrapper can be downloaded from KEMP’s website.

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