The Kemp Virtual Geo Multi-Site DNS Load Balancer – is a true virtualized LoadMaster supporting the same feature set and interfaces as our server hardware load balancers. The Geo Multi-Site DNS Load balancer assures seamless failover and failback to the best performing and geographically closest datacenter for optimal use of web-based applications, including Microsoft Exchange. In the event of a service disruption, traffic is automatically controlled based on set policy in order to minimize impact and the need for manual intervention. The Geo features:

  • VLAN Trunking
  • Interface Bonding (Link Aggregation, Link Failover)

Standard Features

LoadMaster includes a core set of features that address the demands of Application Delivery and ensure service availability with capabilities such as high availability and simplicity with easy to use application templates.

Support Subscriptions

The core LoadMaster functionality is enhanced with Support Subscriptions that offer additional features and services. Support Subscription bundles are available at three tiers and are optimized to offer maximum value for organizations.

  • Standard – For high availability and application deployment and support
  • Enterprise – Adds security features, management and monitoring services along with 24 x7 support
  • Enterprise Plus – Delivers advanced application protection and multi-site application availability

Technical Specifications

  • Geographical Load Balancing      
  • VLAN Trunking (802.1Q)               
  • Link Interface Bonding (Modes supported: 802.3ad, Link Failover)           
  • 4X Gigabit Ports               
  • Up to 15,000 Max DNS Queries Per Second (QPS)            


 Hardware Specs              

  • 4 X GbE Auto-negotiating, Full Duplex Eth. Ports               
  • Bootable DOM (No Hard Disks) 
  • 1 GB RAM           
  • Local admin via console/VGA and USB   
  • Dimensions: 426 x 419 x 44 mm. (1U)     
  • Weight ~ 13.23 lbs (6kg)               
  • 180W ATX power supply