Scaling Oracle WebLogic with LoadMaster

Oracle WebLogic is a leading platform for delivery of custom application workloads in high volume environments. WebLogic provides the capability to deliver applications from a resilient Oracle hardware platform and includes the capability to maintain session state across hosts in an application cluster. While WebLogic offers a proxy plug-in for balancing web traffic, LoadMaster from Kemp offers a number of significant benefits compared to the plug-in approach.

No Additional Administration

A LoadMaster requires no additional administration for client setup—you do not need to set up and maintain a separate layer of HTTP servers, and you do not need to install and configure one or more proxy plug-ins

Multiple Algorithms

LoadMaster offers multiple load balancing algorithms that can be customized to match the capabilities of individual application hosts. With proxy plug-ins, balancing is limited to a simple round-robin algorithm for clustered servlet requests.

SSL Offloading

Server efficiency can be significantly improved by offloading the SSL encryption workload. Kemp offer hardware accelerated platforms to deliver even higher secure transaction rates than could be achieved on server platforms.

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