Load Balancing Progress MOVEit

Availability and Performance for Secure File Transfer

Progress MOVEit© provides organization with secure file transfer for sensitive data to meet regulatory compliance and reporting. The Progress Kemp LoadMaster Load Balancer delivers an exceptional, cost effective, and easy to use solution which by employing intelligent server health checking, high availability and load balancing to deliver an always-on application experience for MOVEit Transfer.

Limitless Scale

Built to expand MOVEit deployments seamlessly to meet the file transfer demands for any size organization.

Site Resilience

Support for multi-site deployments including public cloud and providing automated failover.


Intelligent health monitoring and traffic distribution to direct traffic to healthy MOVEit Transfer nodes.

High Availability and Site Resilience for MOVEit Transfer

Diagram of how LoadMaster Load Balancer works with MOVEit Transfer

Availability for all MOVEit Transfer protocols such as SFTP, FTPS, and HTTPS for an Always-On Application Experience.

LoadMaster Load Balancer delivers increased reliability by removing single points of failure both within a single data center or across multiple data centers or clouds.

Load Balancing MOVEit Transfer with LoadMaster

Progress MOVEit’s scale-out architecture combined with LoadMaster’s flexible traffic handling enables organizations to manage massive amounts of secure file transfer. The Intelligent GLSB functionality enables efficient handling of secure file transfer across data centers and public clouds eliminating downtime and maximizing productivity.

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MOVEit Deployment Guide

Deployment Guide to assist with configuring application delivery using Progress MOVEit.

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MOVEit Template

LoadMaster application template for Progress MOVEit.


MOVEit Load Balancing Solution Brief

LoadMaster combined with MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation delivers an always-on application experience of a flexible and secure transfer solution.

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Load Balancing Progress MOVEit

Learn how to add MOVEit to your Kemp LoadMaster with an easy to use template.

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