Load Balancing Remote Desktop Services

Enhanced reliability and performance for Microsoft RDS

Kemp LoadMaster provides a cost-effective approach for maximizing RDS reliability with intelligent load balancing of traffic across available resources and delivered increased performance by offloading compute-intensive security operations and optimization of client connections.


High Availability

Load balance traffic based on resource availability to transparently handle RDS server outages

Enhanced Security

Protect resources with Pre-authentication and Single Sign-On coupled with Web Application Firewall (WAF) and intrusion prevention.

Multi-Site Resilience

Seamless client access to cloud and on-site RDS resources to provide scalability and transparent disaster recovery.

Simple integration of Load Balancing for Microsoft RDS

RD Web Access RDGateway RD Connection Broker RDSession Hosts LAN LoadMasterHA Pair


Kemp LoadMaster is easily integrated with your Microsoft RDS environment to provide resilience and scalability for all key RDS roles.

  • Load Balancing RD Web Access servers
  • Load Balancing RD Gateway servers
  • Load Balancing RD Connection Brokers
  • Load Balancing RD Session Hosts


Kemp provides deployment templates, optimized for each of the roles for ease of deployment and to ensure maximum performance and security.

Optimizing Microsoft RDS for the best user Application Experience

Application Availability

Intelligently optimize traffic across RDS servers based on status and capacity ensuring that the failure of any server does not impact users

Application Scalability

Add and remove RDS resources on-demand to meet changing client requirements without any reconfiguration of clients

Application Resilience

Ensure continued service delivery in the event of a compete site failure using Geographic Server Load Balancing (GSLB) for RDS

Application Performance

Offload tasks such as TCP optimization, compression and SSL encryption processing allowing RDS resources to be focused on delivery of remote desktop services

Featured Resources


Microsoft RDS Deployment Guide

Guide on how to configure Kemp load balancing for Microsoft RDS Web Access, Gateway Server, Connection Broker and Session Host roles.

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Microsoft RDS Application template

This template provides a quick way to configure RDS load balancing on Kemp LoadMaster


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