Business Continuity (DR-as-a-Service)

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Business Continuity can entail a variety of different things. At the simplest level, there may just be a requirement to meet unexpected peaks in demand for web based services. There might even be a need to add and remove services as part of an application upgrade – while maintaining the ability to fall back to a previous known-good version if any problems arise. Another example might be the need to absorb and merge infrastructure and services should one company acquire another and need to present a single face to their customers.

These in turn can form part of a broader strategy when planning for outages. There are many possible scenarios to consider, and many products and services available to provide disaster recovery. Scenarios can range from simple bursting to the cloud to maintain service levels, to policy-based traffic steering across Azure regions to a comprehensive active-active failover configuration.

Kemp’s LoadMaster provide some of these capabilities thanks to its built-in load balancing and HA features. It can also form a component of protected application workloads when deployed in conjunction with services protected by Microsoft Site Recovery.


Architecture Highlights

  • Span on-premises and multiple cloud environments
  • Advanced application health checking
  • Content Switching and traffic management
  • Support for Microsoft and key enterprise applications

Best Practices

  • High Availability with LoadMaster
  • Capacity planning
  • Multiple deployment sites
  • Secure connectivity
  • Application firewalling
  • User Authentication

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