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Announcing the New FREE LoadMaster™ Application Load Balancer

A free version of our popular VLM application load balancer is now available for unlimited use, making it easy for IT developers and open source technology users to benefit from …


La seguridad en un balanceador de cargar, HA ( alta disponibilidad ) y Reverse Proxy

Un Proxy inverso es un elemento de vital importancia dentro de las infraestructuras de aplicaciones para proporcionar una capa adicional de seguridad para las instancias del servidor mediante la recuperación…

January 13, 2015

Dude, Where’s My Reverse Proxy?!

In the past the “Reverse Proxy” shown in the diagram below would have said “TMG”, Microsoft’s Threat Management Gateway product. With that option no longer available a lot of people …

August 19, 2014

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How to Configure Layer 4 Virtual Services with @KEMPtech

Application Load Balancing: Learn more about the ins and outs of application load balancing and delivery with J.Peter Brusseze and KEMP Technologies in this lesson, we’ll discuss setting up Layer …

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A look back at how much data and e-mail we’re sending

A look back at how much data and e-mail we’re sending. See our new inforgraphic.

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HA (High Availability) and Reverse Proxy Security From a Load Balancer

Reverse proxy is a vitally important element within application infrastructures to provide an additional layer of security for server instances by retrieving resources on behalf of users located in untrusted …

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How to Choose a Load Balancer for Microsoft Exchange

When your organization is in the market for a load balancer, and you happen to find yourself as the one tasked with the project, it can be a bit confusing …

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A Look at Multi-Factor Authentication

Educated technology customers have come to expect a lot more from application delivery and load balancing solutions deployed from VMware, Microsoft and Oracle. These expectations include flexible authentication options to …

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Don’t leave your users hammering the F5 (refresh) key – deploy a load balancer!

It’s one of the oldest and least liked web pages that we come across – the most dreaded of all browser messages, the infamous “404 – Page Not Found” error …

March 11, 2014

cisco ucs load balancer

Power of LoadMaster for UCS Illustrated by Cisco France Datacenter Blog

By Atchison Frazer, CMO, KEMP Technologies As we approach Cisco Live ANZ in Melbourne, in which KEMP Technologies is a proud exhibition sponsor, it’s a good time to shine the …

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Automation and KEMP – The PowerShell way!

As we foray more and more into advanced computing evidenced today by explosion of devices, increasing dependency on services and cloud computing becoming mainstream, APIs are becoming highly relevant and …

December 4, 2013

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How the Award Winning KEMP Loadmaster 5300 Load Balancer can help Optimize your IT Infrastructure

When KEMP Technologies received the prestigious UK Network Computing IT Optimization Product of the Year 2013 and even came runner up as Hardware Product of the Year 2013, it was …

October 7, 2013