Load Balancing Parallels RAS

Resilient & Scalable Parallels RAS

As your Parallels infrastructure grows with multiple Secure Client Gateways to support the workload, load balancing becomes key to ensuring that the client application experience is maintained by not just spreading the workload but also by detecting overloaded or failed RAS services. Kemp LoadMaster provides the ideal solution to achieving this resilience and simplifying the task of scaling services to match user demand.

Easy Load Balancing for Parallels RAS

Kemp LoadMaster seamlessly integrates with Parallels RAS to provide resilience and scalability by load balancing traffic across Secure Client Gateways.

To simplify setup and deployment, Kemp provides Parallels optimized templates to ensure maximum performance and security.

Featured Resources


Deployment Guide

Use the Parallels deployment guide to assist with your deployment.

Parallels RAS Deployment Guide

Application Templates

This template provides a quick way to configure Parallels RAS load balancing on Kemp LoadMaster

Parallels RAS Application Template

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