HTTP/2 is an agreed and standardized revision of the HTTP protocol used by web services on the Internet. It was adopted by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in May 2015. HHTP/2 was built on the Google designed SPDY protocol that was created in order to speed up transfer and processing of the non-text based content that is common on web sites today. The current HTTP Protocol has been in use since 1997. A time when there was a lot less use off Video, JavaScript, CSS, and other content rich technologies. HTTP/2 is designed to make the handling of these new technologies easier and faster for browsers. The HTTP/2 Protocol uses packets that are handled by other standard Internet protocols. It still uses TCP/IP for network delivery and routing. HTTP/2 will gradually replace the current version of HTTP as web servers and browsers are updated and refreshed over the next few years. HTTP/2 is backwardly compatible with previous HTTP versions so gradual migrations can be performed.

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