Multi-Tenant LoadMaster Appliances

Data Sheet

Dedicated hardware optimized for multi-tenant services

Multi-Tenant LoadMaster appliances are optimized to deliver aggregate tenant throughput of up to 11 Gbps and a network port density to support the most complex and demanding environments.

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Hardware Specification
Gigabit Ethernet Ports1622
10 Gigabit Fiber Ports (SFP+)41212
Redundant Hot-Swap Power Supply   
Platform Capacity
Application Throughput5 Gbps8 Gbps11 Gbps
SSL TPS (2K Keys)4,0004,0006,000
Layer 4 concurrent connections35 Million75 Million75 Million
Recommended/Max Instances4/168/1612/24

Simple Feature Licensing

Support subscriptions are applied to Multi-tenant LoadMaster appliances to enable features and capabilities across all instances. There is no other licensing requirement and any instance created will be licensed and enabled with the features regardless of the number of previous instances created.

Standard Support

L4-7 application delivery for high availability and optimization of applications

  • 10x5 Support
  • Software Updates
  • Security Patches
  • Kemp 360 Vision (optional)
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Enterprise Support

Enhanced application security and management with advanced issue detection and escalation services

  • Standard Features
  • Edge Security Pack
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • 24x7 Support
  • Kemp 360 Vision
  • Kemp 360 Central
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Enterprise Plus Support

Advanced security, management, and application availability for enterprise environment

  • All Enterprise Features
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Geographic Server Load Balancing
  • Daily rule updates for WAF
  • Daily IP reputation updates for GSLB
  • Floating License
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The Multi-Tenant Advantage

The capability to run multiple isolated load balancer instances, dedicated to an application, department or customer, can bring many benefits.

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