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My virtual service will be receiving a lot of traffic, in excess of 64,000 open connections. Is there anything I can do to avoid port exhaustion?

LoadMaster may experience port exhaustion in cases of high load where the service is non-transparent. In these cases, you enable option to allow for additional IP addresses to be allotted to any specific virtual service that expects heavy traffic.

In the WUI:

  1. Select the System Configuration > Miscellaneous Options > L7 Configuration option.
  2. Enable the Allow connection scaling over 64K Connections checkbox.
  3. Select the Virtual Services option
  4. Click on the View/Modify Services option
  5. Click the Modify button for the relevant Virtual Service
  6. In the Advanced Options section input the additional addresses you wish to allot for the virtual service in the Alternate Source Addresses field. In order to have an impact, you must specify at least two alternate source addresses.

Clients will continue to request the virtual service address, but connections to real servers will use these addresses as source addresses. Each additional address will add approximately 64,000 new available source ports for relaying client requests.

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