Frequently Asked Questions

High Availability

I initially purchased a single LoadMaster, but now I am interested in purchasing a second unit to arrange them in a high availability pair. Is this possible and what would be the easiest way to accomplish this?

Upgrading to a high availability pair may be easier than you would think. It is recommended that you first create a backup of your LoadMaster configuration and potentially create a certificate backup if you had imported any certificates to your LoadMaster. Once you have received licensing for your second LoadMaster, navigate to the WUI of your single LoadMaster. Please note that as this procedure requires reboots. Additionally, initial HA pairing may induce a failover. For these reasons, it is strongly recommended not to do this during production hours. It is also strongly recommended that following successful pairing that failover be performed to confirm proper HA is taking place.

  1. Select the System Configuration > Miscellaneous Options > HA Parameters option.
  2. Select HA (First) Mode from the HA Mode drop down menu.
  3. Do not reboot when prompted.
  4. For each interface you have configured, navigate to: System Configuration > Interfaces > eth
  5. To ensure compatibility with your current real server configuration, change the 'HA Shared IP address' to the current interface address of your single unit. Add your HA1 address in the 'Interface Address' field. Add your HA2 address in the 'HA Partner IP address' field.
  6. Reboot to apply the changes.
  7. Once rebooted, review your IP settings.
  8. Once you are certain of your configuration, now you can add your HA2 unit to your network.
  9. Your LoadMaster is now ready to be paired. Next, connect the power cable and any network cabling that you will need for your setup. At this stage you can follow the standard procedure for setting up an HA2 device.
  10. Once both units are up and paired correctly, we recommend failing over the pair by rebooting the active unit. The standby unit should take over and have all configured virtual services. Once the first unit comes back up, reboot the secondary unit to ensure that failover works in both directions.

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