Zero Trust 5-in-5

The increase in in work-from-home, hybrid cloud, BYOD, and IoT blurs the border between what’s on-premises and what’s beyond the perimeter. This raises new challenges around maintaining compliance and consistent security posture without detriment to the easy access to services for users. Organizations must respond to the expanding network edge while finding reliable ways of providing secure remote access to users.

Common solutions rely exclusively on NAT publishing, VPN access for clients, and VDI. Though applicable in certain scenarios, without the required expertise or resources, leveraging these techniques to provide the desired level of security tends to be difficult. While an entry point to the network must always be published in some fashion to enable access to internal resources from outside, methods for reducing the attack surface area, controlling who can gain access dynamically, and reducing chances of exploratory bad actors are all key to a successful secure access strategy.

Kemp’s zero trust architecture provides unique value by native, application-centric proxy capabilities. It integrates with Identity Access Management platforms and enables granular policy-based access control for application and service access. With active network participation, it enables proactive application of the zero-trust policy that empowers you to:

  • Protect your critical applications and services with a zero-trust access model using Kemp’s simple and scalable application proxy architecture.
  • Leverage policy-based access control, including active traffic steering, intelligent content-based routing, and contextual identity validation.
  • Regulate the level of trust by integrating with third-party identity providers and managing group membership.
  • Fortify your security with multi-factor authentication and SSO support.
  • Maximize ROI by leveraging existing architecture.
  • Unrivalled time-to-value: Define the intent of your policy and have it automatically applied via API.

In this 5-in-5 video, we will discuss what Zero Trust is and why its important for organizations.

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