Mark Hoffmann

Mark Hoffmann is a Product Manager at Kemp. Previously, he worked at Fortinet and Coyote Point Systems on their ADC product lines. Before that, he spent more years than he cares to remember working in diverse roles on various flavors of Unix/Linux operation systems. Mark holds a BS in Computer Science from the State University of New York and currently lives in upstate New York. Mark is the primary responder on the Kemp Ideas Portal ( Kemp is committed to constant improvement and to seeking out new ideas and directions for improving the functionality and quality of our products. If you have an idea that you want to tell Mark about, stop by the Ideas Portal and start a conversation!

Enhancing Day-One Exploit Containment with Custom WAF Rules

Bridging the gap between when a vulnerability announcement is released and when a fix is available. We live in a world where the good guys are constantly responding to threats …

August 5, 2022

WhatsUp Gold for Network Monitoring

You are probably aware that Kemp LoadMaster is now part of the Progress portfolio of products; but, what you may not know is that Progress offerings include WhatsUp Gold, a …

May 5, 2022

General Availability of LoadMaster

Kemp was pleased to announce the availability of LMOS Version to all customers on September 15, 2021. The major themes of the release are Configuration, Stability, Security, Capacity, and …

September 16, 2021

Surfacing LoadMaster SSO User Logins in Flowmon Collector

This blog describes how you can use LoadMaster and Flowmon Collector to pair specific users with the corresponding network traffic and application transactions when investigating performance issues, to provide dashboards, …

August 26, 2021

Getting Started with LoadMaster Network Telemetry

Network Telemetry in LMOS 7.2.53 provides the traffic visibility you need to stay on top of network events. Getting Started with LoadMaster Network Telemetry Today, Kemp is excited to announce …

April 6, 2021

How LoadMaster Helps Make Work from Home Easier, Safer, Familiar, and Affordable

It has always been in fashion to have a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan for your business, but that doesn’t mean that we all need to buy the most expensive outfits. …

April 22, 2020