Designed for the Cloud


Metered Licensing

Resource deployment and consumption in the cloud is dynamic in nature and the pricing models that are focused on ADC capacity and number of instances do not meet the demands of application delivery in the cloud. With Metered Enterprise Licensing, Kemp 360 Application Delivery Fabric recasts the licensing model to deliver unlimited instances of varying capacity across all delivery platforms within an organization. For billing purposes, usage across instances and platforms is aggregated on a monthly basis with built in overage terms to accommodate unexpected usage spikes.

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Application Delivery designed for the Cloud

Kemp is a software company and was the first to deliver a virtualized ADC appliance for Microsoft Azure. This software focus enables Kemp to deliver the same high performance and functionality across all cloud and virtualized environments without a dependency on specialized hardware. Hybrid and multi-cloud deployments are easily implemented using integrated VPN and global load balancing (GSLB) while in-cloud resilience is supported with highly available ADC pairs.


Visualize across multiple Clouds

Where a mix of cloud and on premises platforms is in use, Kemp 360 Application Delivery Fabric integrates with each to offer a consolidated view of resource consumption and performance as well as a single point to perform operational tasks such as software upgrades and configuration backups. Migration of application delivery services between platforms is greatly simplified through a simple drag-and-drop while configurations and policies are consistently applied across all resources regardless of location.

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