SAP HANA is SAP SE’s in memory computing platform. It provides a platform for other SAP SE and 3rd party solutions. HANA combines database, data processing, and application platform capabilities in a single in-memory platform. As a result of working in memory it allows solutions to be built with very low latency to analyse data sets in real-time. Businesses which generate a lot of data, and who would benefit from knowing how the business is performing in real-time are ideal users of the HANA platform. Some typical uses of the very fast capabilities of HANA are:
  • Real-Time Analytics
    • Operations monitoring
    • Instant Big Data processing
    • Predictive, Spatial & Text analysis
  • Real-Time Applications
    • Targeted Consumer Engagement
    • Sensor monitoring and Intelligent response to environments
    • Rapid scheduling and system optimisation
  • Real-Time Platform
    • Database & Data-processing Services
    • Rapid Data integration and Virtualisation
    • Application Development Platform

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