An outage occurs when any service or application delivered from an IT system becomes unavailable in an unplanned way. Outages can have varying severity with the most extreme causing all IT systems and services to be unavailable, down to having a single server or application offline. The causes of outages can range from the complete loss of connectivity to a data centre or Cloud hosting site, through to hardware failure within a hosting location, software issues with a single application, human error, or malicious attack by third parties stopping legitimate users accessing applications. All outages, irrespective of the severity or cause, need to be mitigated and eliminated by detailed infrastructure planning, and deploying a flexible application delivery fabric. The use of real time analytics and insight engines to proactively detect issues and automatically takes steps to address problems. An application delivery fabric should provide a scalable, cross-vendor, solution that delivers industry leading technologies to help organisations guard against outages. It works with any combination of self-hosted, remote, Cloud hosted, or hybrid environments to proactively prevent outages and provide actionable insights into IT infrastructure deployments.

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