LoadMaster Clusters - Scaling out application delivery

Avoid overprovisioning and simplify capacity scaling with LoadMaster clustering

Scaling out application delivery infrastructure with clustering provides organizations with a solution to growing or unpredictable workloads. Rather than having to overprovision capacity, clustering provides a solution that is always right-sized and can be dynamically expanded as demand increases. Clustering also offers resilience as the cluster will continue to provide application delivery services even if a member fails.

LoadMaster Clusters

LoadMaster clustering combines multiple LoadMaster appliances into a single application delivery entity with overall capacity being aggregated from the cluster members. Additional capacity may be added dynamically without impacting on running services making clustering an ideal solution for maximizing service uptimes.


LoadMaster clustering is available on most LoadMaster hardware, bare metal and hypervisor platforms (see product specifications pages for availability). Clustering is not available in public cloud environments. The requirements are that cluster members are of the same model and that a cluster be deployed with a minimum of four members. Clustering is included as a standard feature on LoadMaster firmware 7.1-32a and later.

Read the LoadMaster clustering feature description

Scale out, Scale up, Scale in

The dynamic nature of many application delivery scenarios requires a flexible platform that meets both the business and technical requirements. LoadMaster offers multiple approaches to supporting dynamic workloads including scale out (clustering), scale up (high performance platforms) and scale in (multi-tenancy).

  • In scale out scenarios, LoadMaster clustering enables existing platforms to easily grow by adding new LoadMaster appliances to meet capacity requirements.
  • With platforms capable of up to 300 million concurrent connections, LoadMaster can scale up to meet the most demanding of workloads.
  • LoadMaster multi-tenancy enables scale in with the deployment of multiple LoadMaster instances on a single LoadMaster platform which simplifies the delivery of multiple smaller workloads in enterprise and service provider environments.

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