Virtual LoadMaster for vCloud Air

Virtual LoadMaster for vCloud Air - Optimized for vCloud Air, Virtual LoadMaster delivers full L4-7 load balancing and application delivery services. Intelligent global traffic distribution capabilities support hybrid deployments between vCloud Air and private cloud environments for continuous application performance across cloud boundaries.

SSL Transactions Per/Second (TPS): Up to 12,000
Supports Up to 1000 Virtual Services.


VLM complements applications deployed in vCloud Air by providing comprehensive Layer 7 traffic distribution and session persistence, application health checking, SSL acceleration, L7 UDP load balancing, IPS GSLB-based hybrid traffic steering. These features along with Edge Security services including SSO and pre-authentication all enhance application performance and user experience for application workloads in vCloud Air.

Standard Features

LoadMaster includes a core set of features that address the demands of Application Delivery and ensure service availability with capabilities such as high availability and simplicity with easy to use application templates.

LoadMaster Feature List

Support Subscriptions

The core LoadMaster functionality is enhanced with Support Subscriptions that offer additional features and services. Support Subscription bundles are available at three tiers and are optimized to offer maximum value for organizations.

  • Standard – For high availability and application deployment and support
  • Enterprise – Adds security features, management and monitoring services along with 24 x7 support
  • Enterprise Plus – Delivers advanced application protection and multi-site application availability

LoadMaster Support Subscriptions

Technical Specifications      

  • Supports Up to 1000 Virtual Services
  • SSL Transactions Per/Second (TPS): Up to 12,000

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