Content Switching for IIS (and Apache) in Azure

Any business that does anything more than display a basic set of messages in their website needs to find a way to content switch between different web services, be they accessed from separate virtual machines (vm’s) or from external providers. The most common example of content switching in the Azure cloud is the use of a single IP address to deliver multiple services – this could be access to multiple web servers and standard Microsoft applications, but is often also used to provide access to the rich variety of material published in distinct systems such as  Wordpress, Umbraco or DNN (DotNetNuke). This capability is critical for any website developer or administrator needing to deploy a diverse set of service capabilities in the cloud.
To the viewer, these unrelated applications must be made to appear as variants of a single, cohesive URL. Kemp's LoadMaster for Azure makes intelligent decisions based on the origin or even content of a request and seamlessly steer the user to appropriate content or services.

Examples of integrated solutions include

While traditional load balancing functionality may not be needed for web apps deployed in a PaaS model in an Azure deployment, Kemp LoadMaster provides other capabilities that significantly improve the deployment and management of components such as business continuity, user authentication or even PCI compliance. The LoadMaster’s integrated advanced application delivery features provide a simplified, cohesive management capability that saves time and effort managing Azure-based Web assets.

While there are expensive proprietary application delivery offerings at the high end of the scale, and free open source options at the other, Kemp LoadMaster for Azure offers just the right, comprehensive set of features at a competitive price point to ensure simple, flexible setup of Azure cloud based services.


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