Content Switching

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Companies use the Azure cloud to host a variety of applications and services. As organizations expand into the cloud, so does the need to add and modify those services. In doing so it is critical to maintain a cohesive user experience by maintaining a single URL while connecting to the appropriate service based on the content of the request. This is particularly important where multiple services need to be accessed when only one IP address is exposed as Azure dictates. With its ability to direct traffic based on the content of a request, and rewrite URLs, a LoadMaster can process Layer 7 traffic, directing requests to the desired service while also providing authentication, caching and compression.

Architecture Highlights

  • Controlled access to cloud based services
  • Service level based on origin of request
  • Seamless service upgrades
  • Reliability and performance
  • Flexibility and customization

Best Practices

  • SSL Offload
  • Certificate management
  • User authentication


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