Deliver Modern Applications in the Cloud

Optimize Application Delivery Across Multiple Clouds and Application Architectures

Enabling DevOps, NetOps and SecOps in Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Organizations are increasingly taking Hybrid and Multi-Cloud approaches and delivering modern application architectures using technologies such as Kubernetes. Progress LoadMaster Load Balancer provides a unified answer to the challenges raised with a consistent and easy-to-use application delivery platform that drives operational efficiency and offers visibility across clouds.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Simplify operations with a single application delivery platform across all clouds that is highly automatable and easy to learn.

Deliver Modern Applications

Integrated Kubernetes Ingress Controller and API Gateway with advanced load balancing and security capabilities.

Integrate Delivery Teams

Enable NetOps, DevOps and Security teams on a single cross-cloud platform to reduce fragmentation and ensure consistency.

Avoid Cloud Cost Efficiency and Lock-in

Take the variability out of application delivery costs and simplify moving workloads to and from clouds.

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Delivering Modern Applications

With multi-cloud, each cloud has a unique approach to delivering modern containerized applications using Kubernetes, leading to challenges with developing and maintaining skills and the lack of skill transfer between cloud-specific implementations. LoadMaster offers a consistent implementation for Kubernetes application delivery across all clouds and on-premise hypervisors, reducing the learning curve and simplifying automation.

LoadMaster Load Balancer Kubernetes Ingress Controller

Consistent Layering of Security

SecOps teams no longer have to deal with multiple application delivery environments, each with their own toolsets and security architectures. With LoadMaster, security teams can apply policies consistently across all platforms for authentication services (ZTNA, SSO), Web Application Firewall (WAF) and SSL/TLS.

LoadMaster Load Balancer Security

API Consolidation - API Gateway

Securely delivering APIs and keeping pace with API targeted threats is a significant challenge, and this challenge is multiplied with each API published. LoadMaster’s API gateway consolidates multiple APIs and enables selective publishing of API functions, WAF, authentication, rate limiting and request routing along with logging and metrics.

How to use LoadMaster Load Balancer as an API Gateway

Application Security

Build on your overall security stance by layering LoadMaster application protection to enhance the integrity and availability of web applications

  • All Enterprise FeaturesProvide ongoing protection for applications and APIs against Zero-Day and common exploits
  • Zero Trust Network AccessApply defined-access policies to applications and prevent public discovery of application assets
  • Pre-Authentication and Single Sign-onEnable strong authentication of users for any application or API before providing access to the resource
  • SSL/TLS ManagementOffload encryption overhead and simplify compliance and certificate lifecycle management

Cloud/Modern Apps

Optimize provisioning and operation of multi-cloud and containerized applications with a consistent and easy-to-use application delivery platform that drives operational efficiency and offers visibility across clouds.

  • Multi-Cloud OperationsSimplify multi-cloud application and API delivery with a single easily managed solution
  • Containerized AppsUse LoadMaster Kubernetes Ingress Controller to secure and scale modern application architectures
  • API GatewaySelective publishing of multiple APIs with rate limiting , access policies and WAF protection

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