Kemp Load Balancer Provider for Microsoft System Center VMM (SCVMM)

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Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVM) provides centralized management and monitoring of virtual machines, cloud infrastructure and associated resources. This enables end-to-end cloud fabric automation and service management and supports customers in their journey to more fluid, elastic and flexible environments.

Application Delivery for Cloud Infrastructure

A key part of private and hybrid cloud infrastructure is application delivery which enables the availability, acceleration and secure publishing of deployed services. Kemp’s LoadMaster load balancer provides intelligent traffic distribution across cloud boundaries, IPsec VPN tunnel termination capabilities for Microsoft Azure, Layer 4-7 load balancing, Web Application Firewalling and authentication/SSO services that deliver capabilities for customers transitioning from Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG).

Simplified Provisioning with SCVMM

With Kemp’s load balancer provider for SCVMM virtual infrastructure, administrators can now leverage Kemp load balancer elements in SCVMM Service Templates. The provider uses the LoadMaster REST API (LMAPI), enabling programmatic deployment of application delivery functions and helping to shorten time to market for business-critical applications. SCVMM Service Templates are a collection of virtual machines and services deployed and managed as a single entity within the VMM environment that greatly reduce administration overhead. The module enables automatic creation and management of LoadMaster Virtual Services from within the System Center environment. In addition, it allows configuration of key load balancing options such as session persistence and scheduling options, helping administrators expedite the deployment and maintenance of application services.

LoadMaster plays an integral role in ensuring application availability, acceleration and optimization as well as visibility and security for automated cloud application deployments. Integration with SCVMM empowers administrators with simplified workflow capabilities for load balancer configuration and deployment, allowing them to meet the application service needs of their businesses.


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