Kemp Load Balancers are approved by Microsoft

Kemp Technologies Load Master Load Balancers fully support Microsoft's key solutions and are "Approved" by Microsoft. Kemp's Loadmaster’s come with Microsoft configuration templates to easily install and optimize traffic for Microsoft workloads including:

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  • Exchange
  • Lync
  • SharePoint
  • Remote Desktop Services/WTS
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Kemp Virtual Load Balancers Support More Hypervisors!

Kemp Technologies is able to deliver its virtual load balancer solutions thanks to its Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) that leverages all the positive aspects of our hardware load balancers Kemp Technologies Virtual load Balancers run on VMware, Hyper-V, Xen and Virtual Box.

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Free Trial. No Obligation.  Our virtual Load Balancers have the same functional,ity as our hardware Load balancers.

Since 2000 and with over 15,000 clients Kemp Technologies has offered an unmatched mix of Must Have Load Balancer features at an affordable price without sacrificing performance.

All Kemp Load Balancers feature:

  • Layer 4 and Layer 7 Load Balancing and Layer 7(or Cookie) Persistence
  • SSL Offload/SSL Acceleration
  • Application Health Checking
  • Adaptive (Server Resource) Load Balancing
  • Content Switching
  • Application Acceleration: HTTP Caching, Compression & IPS Security 
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Kemp Announces the First Full-featured, Layer 7 capable Load Balancer for Windows Azure

For True High Availability & Scalability of Production Apps in the Windows Azure Cloud. The Kemp LoadMaster for Microsoft Azure features:

  • Layer-7 application delivery that exceeds Azure’s built in load balancer.
  • Simple to provisioning within the Azure IaaS platform via the Azure management portal.
  • The VLM-Azure runs on the Windows Azure IaaS platform rather than just directing traffic to the Azure network like other competitors solutions.
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Kemp Load Balancers Provide Edge Security & End Point Authentication for Microsoft TMG Users

When Microsoft decided to end of life its ForeFront TMG product Kemp released its Edge Security pack rolling some critical TMG features into its Load Balancers including:

  • End point authentication for pre auth.
  • Persistent Logging and Reporting for User Logging
  • Single Sign On across Virtual Services
  • LDAP authentication from the LoadMaster to the Active Directory
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Are you avoiding deployment of an advanced Load Balancer due to concerns about the complexity involved? Do you rely on MS WNLB because of its ease of implementation? What additional features are available with an intelligent load balancer, are they worth the cost and are they really all that complicated? These are some of the important questions that Network administrators need to answer when deciding if the time is right to make the change from using MS WNLB to another Load Balancing solution.

This complimentary, interactive Webinar will answer the following questions:

  • What are the misconceptions about using DNS Round robin and WNLB?
  • What does Microsoft’s evolving architecture mean for LB tools you use?
  • When does it make sense to use MS WNLB?
  • How does pushing network capabilities to the Cloud impact LB needs?
  • How does SSL affect the LB tool you should use?

Plus, learn additional load balancing Tips and Secrets from a Microsoft MVP

NLB has some issues with scalability, lack of service awareness, issues with client reconnect and so forth. Microsoft Exchange experts have been telling Exchange admins to stay away from NLB for Exchange purposes, so that puts you back shopping for a third-party hardware-based, software-based or virtual.

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